Manic Monday: The Rainbow Coalition

It’s Manic Monday everyone! Well, sorta! We have been on holiday since thursday in DR, so this is going to be a quick post before I jump in the pool and enjoy the last hours of island living!

Manic Monday done right!


Mondays we deep clean here. We delve deep into my OCD and allow it pleasure by cleaning, disinfecting, dusting, polishing, buffing, sanitizing, degreasing, steaming, and all that lunacy that makes my OCD shrill in euphoria and ecstasy.

The Rainbow, my fancy and ridiculously expensive vacuum cleaner that works on water, is taken out of its resting place and is put to slave labor.


If you don’t have The Rainbow, it’s time you get a second mortgage on your house and buy one. Then IMMEDIATELY change your phone number because The Rainbow sales agent will call you EVERY.SINGLE. DAY. including Sundays, for the rest of your life, trying to sell you another Rainbow. Fair warning.

This machine is a MASTER OF DESTRUCTION. This is not a hoover or dust devil you casually pick up at Target. This annihilates all dust, germs and allergens with tornado force and Mike Tyson intensity.  It comes with an arsenal of gadgets which you can dust, brush, and even MOP with. It has an exit hole that shoots out air. If you attach the hose to that end, you can blow up an air mattresses… or blow dry your maltese after his bath!

Harry and his Rainbow wind blown hair.

So what do we do with The Rainbow on Mondays? Mattresses, couches, couch cushions, pillows and throw pillows, rugs, floors, headboards, lamp shades, chandeliers, frames, air conditioning gates and filters, all doors, shelves, windows, curtains, blinds and cabinets (in and out) are rainbowed to pristine status.

Full disclosure, I have an obsession with this machine. We really do use it everyday to clean the floors. I like to be barefoot at home, and brooming just doesn’t cut it. Come mondays, we use it on every possible surface. Truth is, it’s worth every single penny. The end results speak for themselves. It is a good investment.

  • I rainbow, you rainbow, we rainbow (it is a verb, I swear) everything in sight, including Harry.
  •  The Rainbow must touch every surface, if not we risk the chance of dying of dust mites and crazy infectious diseases. Dust bowl anyone?
  •  I firmly believe a law should be passed in congress requiring every bridal registry to have The Rainbow on the very top of the list, (yes, even before the Christofle silverware).
  • If I ever had to decide between Juan Carlos and my rainbow, all I can say is that Juan Carlos will be sorely missed.

Back to my reality today: clear skies, bikini, sunnies and Katy’s Lemon Balm Asti cocktail await me poolside! XOXO








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