Spring Has Sprung!

People, WAKE UP!!!!!!!! That dreaded hump time after the holidays and before March is over.

January and February are purgatory. It’s a time period notorious for nothing , except a ground hog. Brown on brown is the color du jour. Nude nail poilish is at a high. Nothing fun ever happens during these 8 weeks. There are no colors or themes or delicious menus. It’s BLAH time.

But MARCH…… March is the promise of a new day! March delivers SPRING!  And all I can say is WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Take a deep breath and open your eyes!!! Time for pretty colors and spring flings. Brunches come alive again with poached eggs over asparagus and boozy St. Germain cocktails. The sun can’t resist to shine.The air is fresh and the sky is the perfect blue. It’s comfortably warm during the day, crispy breeze at night. Cherry blossoms and peony candles come alive. Plans for spring break at the beach percolate. Pink nail polish, white linen and espadrilles become our outfit of the day.  I love SPRING!

And then we have the baptism of joy, the piece de resistance, the reason we live in agony for 8 weeks, the birth of happiness: SPRING FLOWERS! (insert standing ovation)


What would spring be without SPRING FLOWERS????? Come on! Who doesn’t love themself a yellow tulip?

Flowers bring color and life to your space. They bring the outside in. They create ambiance, define your home’s aesthetic, and give a glimmer into your personality. Every home needs fresh flowers. Cheap excuses, like they die so quickly, are not reason enough to not buy them. I was going to say something highly inappropriate like why marry him if he is going to die in a few decades, but I will keep what little is left of my propriety and instead say  why make the bed if your going to get back in it. You make the bed and you buy flowers because you are not a hot mess, your mother raised you right, and you care about your living space. Discussion closed.

Every Tuesday, I go to the local flower shops. I walk the freezers and usually buy white flowers. I am not prejudice to type of flower (except carnations, I hate carnations), just color. When March rolls around, white flowers be damned. I go wild and aim for the brightest flowers in the shop. This week was fantastic. The colors were instagram worthy! It was a sea of flowers and I was giddy!

Here are some pics from my adventure this week:









I am a fan of small, organic, understated arrangements. I like the I-picked-these-flowers-in-a-meadow look. The Georges V is breathtaking, but it isn’t always the right look in your pottery barnesque family room. I love me some Jeff Leatham and Preston Bailey, but it’s not real, every day life. An arrangement can quickly go from elegant and tasteful to gaudy and tacky with half a dozen roses too many and 3 inch stems too long. The last thing you want to hear from your mother in law is: “well, aren’t those flowers bright and over the top.” That’s passive aggressive speak for “my son married trash”.  That said, it doesn’t give you a free pass to be lazy and just toss in disheveled flowers from Publix in a vase with water. Pick your flowers with care, work with them, clip and arrange according to their natural flow.

The day I meet Preston Baily.


BFF’s Jessica The Housewife and Preston Bailey

Here are a few pictures of my arrangements this week. Again, not fancy and not perfect, but perfectly me!






What are your favorite spring flowers? What color scheme do you follow? Do you keep the discipline of always having arrangements at home?

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