Easter Break and Instagram Apocalypse

Easter break has sucked the life out of me. Maybe it was my over eager enthusiasm for all things spring that set me up for the fall. I will puke at the sight of another poached egg, hydrangea arrangement, and pretty in pink nail polish. I will gladly set fire to all baby blue seersucker pants, residual egg baskets and Easter bunnies. All I can say is I welcome back my regular schedule…..I think.

Yesterday was our first day back after two weeks of laziness, zero structure, laissez-faire attitudes and it was a hot mess. Everyone was off, including every person I follow on instagram pleading and promising their first born to all who turned on their post notifications.

post notifications pic

To say that an urgent exorcism in this home (and instagram) was needed, is an understatement. Foul moods prevailed. Mirka had her wicked witch on in full force. Marco was using 1/8 of his brain power and annoying the rest of us with his blessed cheery disposition. Harry was taken over by Satan and was incessantly bitching, barking, and biting anyone who stepped within a 2 mile radius of his bed.

Angry Harry.

I was ready to drop kick anyone who got in my way, as Isaias (the building custodian) and the dry cleaner attendant can attest to. The WWE meets Real Housewives of Atlanta is kid’s play compared to the shade between me and Mirka.  Our version of Real Housewives/Wrestlemania hit an all time low when I walked out to run errands without saying good bye to her. So in retribution, she hit below the belt, and refused to eat lunch solely because I had made it. (She also refused to eat some delicious cupcakes I made.)  Had I not left to yoga when I did, I am sure we would have ended the day in a duel. In short, this home (and instagram) was in Armageddon and we were acting like wild beasts on fire, taking down anyone in our horizon.

To deny this cupcake is pure insanity.

Twenty four hours after our Easter break comeback apocalypse ,the tension and aggression has settled, common courtesy is rearing its head, instagram still has a cronological ordered newsfeed, and smiles are starting to make a debut. This craziness leads me to wonder: What is it about unstructured living (a.k.a. vacation) that throws everyone off balance? Shouldn’t we have returned to regular life with optimism and refueled boosts of energy? Rested minds and bodies should induce smiles, creativity and enthusiasm. All it induced was excessive sarcasm, an evil dog, a hunger strike and a whole bunch of door slamming. Do we do too much with our time off that it becomes more work than vacation resulting in pure exhaustion and a need for a vacation from the vacation? Or is it lack of structure that manufactures wild beasts revolting against discipline, schedules and organized living?

Whatever it may be, a new day has dawned. Slowly, we are getting back to normality. I am zipping around doing my Monday chores on Tuesday (it was that bad, that we rescheduled Manic Monday!) All that is left to say is: WELCOME BACK TO REAL LIFE! Now, when is our next break?!!! XOXO!

Follow me on instagram (and if the spirit moves you to turn post notification on) Jessica The Housewife and on twitter at jthehousewife.

Back to our regular program, means doing groceries today!







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